8 Useful Websites to Make You Better at Your Job

8 Useful Websites to Make You Better at Your Job

Check out these eight useful websites to improve your performance at work.

The internet is filled with information ranging from vital to trivial. With the number of websites to choose from, a person could easily have trouble navigating what will be useful to them. That’s why word of mouth is still so important–you’ll want a trusted source that can tell you some good pages to check out. We at Ideas Unlimited have compiled a list of our favorite useful websites that have helped us get our jobs done. Click the links below, and maybe you will see the benefits from these pages as well!

Our Top 8 Useful Websites

  1. Code Academy: Coding skills are becoming a high demand in a variety of industries. When you visit codeacademy.com, you can learn coding online. They have over 45 million users!
  2. I Want My Name: Check and see what domain names are available with iwantmyname.com. You’ll find hundreds of domain extensions to use. They also do domain transfers from other registrars. 
  3. Every Timezone: Keeping track of what time it is in another country can be a challenge. We love everytimezone.com because it makes it easy for us to work with clients across the globe. 
  4. Down For Everyone Or Just Me?: Having tech issues? Check downforeveryoneorjustme.com.
  5. Canva: For quick and easy graphic designing, we recommend canva.com. Their “freemium” options are vast and impressive, and they allow for all sorts of beautiful content designs.
  6. Snopes: Snopes.com has been an urban legend source for decades. Now, in the era of “fake news,” Snopes is a curator of fact-checking. Never worry about spreading misinformation again!
  7. If This, Then That: Create commands so that if an action happens on one site, it causes an effect on another site. We love ifttt.com because we link our social media, email, and other apps together. 
  8. Hundred Zeros: Visit hundredzeros.com to download hundreds of free Kindle books. We recommend the “Business & Money” section for your work needs, but you can also download books for fun!

What are your favorite useful websites that help you do a better job?