The Secret to Having the Best Customer Service

The Secret to Having the Best Customer Service

The best customer services involves multiple elements, and each one lends itself to repeat customers.

The Secret to Having the Best Customer Service


To judge a person, one needs to interact. The information extracted from tone, gesture, and body language is a deciding factor for that person. Similarly, customer service is a body language for successful business. Name any business–there always exists a competition to fill the demands or needs of the people. To blow your trumpet in the market, excellent customer service is a must. The key business for best customer service is feedback, well-skilled staff, social media, appreciations, loyalty, updates, and a helpline. Let’s walk through each of the key points.

Customer Service Feedback

Feedback is a crucial factor for the growth of the business. It is important for improving your service. The data gathered from feedback nurtures and shapes the business. It also helps to bind the business with a strong market share. Acting accordingly to the need of the people makes a way to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Online feedback: Most people are attached to their smartphone. Gathering data through this method requires a couple of minutes from a customer. However, a customer may opt-out from answering your boring question. So, get creative and prepare a list of question like “yes or no” or multiple choice question or rating from 1 to 5. Keep it simple, and never use frictional words like “wrong,” “unsatisfied,” or any other negative words. Even voice authorized feedback is also a great technique.
  • Offline feedback: This is the oldest approach and a quick way of gathering data. This method involves investing your money and time. In this case, if there is a need for on spot feedback, this method could be followed.

Well-Skilled Customer Service Staff

A weak labor force is enough to kill a healthy business. Focus on investing in training the staff employed at your service desk. Healthy interaction leads to wealthy business empire. It is important to establish a better relationship with the customer. Concentrate on building a relationship rather than a transaction. This stands as driving force for sustainable business. Striking a better conversation is necessary to win the hearts of the customer. If customer judges the staff based on the poor services, this reflects on a bad reputation. So train the staff with better Soft-skill. The training might range from better email writing to handling a crisis.

Social Media

A company needs to stay open to all issues. Keeping all the possible doors open allows the customer to knock on any doors and get the needed service. That’s why your business should stay active on social media and respond immediately. Highlight all the possible social platforms based on the geographical location, as social platform differs from region to region.


Appreciation is a ladder for better growth. Appreciation might point to the customer in reporting a flaw or any hiccup in service. The staff can also deserve some appreciation for their valuable contribution. It is a two-way factor. Let’s divide the appreciation into two parts:

  • Customer appreciation: First, customer appreciation is a key factor in growth. Customer helps to gather the sensitive data in perfecting the system involved in the business. The customer who provides the valuable time in bringing this change deserves a treat or some sort of reward. Reward the person with some coupon or discount and recognize the contribution in the social platform. This will gain a lot of attention from the community and could land you more business.
  • Staff appreciation: Second, servicing a customer is a critical role. Providing a well-balanced and well-structured service must be appreciated. Powering up the work environment with some celebration will grace the business with a better reputation.


Huge investment in marketing the product is necessary to build a rapport with evergreen business. To achieve it, people go for a creative ad with catchy headlines and interesting bargain and also add a tricky crown. This crown points to surprising terms and conditions. This is the scenario in the marketing domain. People respond to bargain and ignore the tricky crown and may feel cheated. Holding up with your end of the bargain is necessary to maintain the loyalty. Invest time in educating the people to understand the crown part. Prosperous sign in business involves a win-win situation for you and your customer.

Customer Service Helpline

Next, add a chat box on your site so that you can speed up the service request. Build a system to raise the ticket for the issue and process it accordingly. This helps the customer to know the status of your issue. The statistics of the frequently reported issue can be addressed once and for all. Then, provide clarification on various escalation level on your sites to help the customer to seek the desired help.


A striving service provider always aims at better servicing and expanding his business base. The ambition of such personality always aims for the better share in the market. They stay ahead of the competitors and gain a huge pool of customers. This is why companies should spread the news of exciting offers to celebrate an occasion or addition of new store to the locality. This update can be shared via social media, voice services, newspaper or SMS services. This adds value to your customer.