5 Best Business Books (You Might Not Have Read Yet)


5 Best Business Books (You Might Not Have Read Yet)

The best business books can sometimes be the undiscovered ones.

The best business owners are the ones who constantly seek knowledge. While there are many classic books on business–How to Win Friends and Influence People, for example–it pays to expand to other books that are not yet in the pantheon. These are our picks for the best business books you might not have read yet.

1. An Everyone Culture – by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

Kegan and Lahey’s book encourages the creation of Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDOs). This method of transparency prevents office politics and encourages the highest productivity. The case studies in this book are fascinating and insightful.

2. The Inevitable – by Kevin Kelly

Is your company having trouble navigating the future of technology? One of the founders of Wired magazine shows us his crystal ball. From A.I. to on-demand, Kelly covers the twelve technological forces that will affect your business’s future.

3. Purple Cow – by Seth Godin

We’ve already talked about how we love Seth Godin’s blog. Now, here’s his remarkable book. He teaches how to make your message different from the pack, as well as making a product that people want to talk about. This book can change your influence by tenfold.

4. Designing Your Life – by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Everything is designed by someone, even the daily items you don’t think about. Designers recognize problems and come up with solutions. Burnett and Evans show that thinking like a designer can improve your life, both professionally and personally.

5. Grit – by Angela Duckworth

Striving for success? You will want one particular quality: grit. Duckworth teaches readers why any effort you make ultimately counts twice toward your goal. The best part is that Duckworth interviews many people successful in their fields–CEOs, athletes, artists, and many more.

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