5 Smart Phone Apps for Entrepreneurs

5 Smart Phone Apps for Entrepreneurs

These smart phone apps can change the entrepreneur game.

Smart phone apps can be time draining for entrepreneurs, but only if you don’t have the right ones. It’s time to get rid of your apps and only put on the ones that will actually help your business thrive. Here are five that you need right now.

Trello or Asana

It’s difficult to choose between the two, but as an entrepreneur you need to have one of them. This will depend on your clients and customer base, so some entrepreneurs may find themselves forced into using both. With both Trello and Asana, you get an app that will help you collaborate on projects, manage workflow, and communicate quickly between team members.


Sometimes you just need to communicate through quick messages. Other times you will need to make a quick video call. Skype is one of the best apps to put on your phone. You won’t use any credit or minutes and all you need is some type of internet connection.


It’s time to get your business finances in order. Mint offers the perfect budgeting tool, sending you alerts when you’re near your budget limits, push notifications when a bill is coming due, and charts to see how you’re managing your cash flow.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

There’s nothing worse than going out and realizing you’re out of date. Free Wi-Fi Finder will help you locate the closest place with a Wi-Fi connection that you won’t have to pay for. You may need to purchase a drink or small bite to eat, depending on the location, though!


You will have goals you need to meet each month, and Full will help with that. This app allows you to set an unlimited amount of goals with the amount of times you want to accomplish them throughout the month. If you want to get a blog post written twice a week, you can state that. Full helps you keep track of your progress.

Make sure you download these apps. They are must-haves for any entrepreneur and will improve productivity. What are YOUR favorite smart phone apps?