With our commitment of providing “High Quality Results”, “Zero Down-Time” and our unique way of providing managed solutions, you can’t go wrong with us!

  • TOP QUALITY AGENTS/WORKERS Our unique and well composed recruitment process ensures that we hire only the top of the line agents/workers to work for us.
  • 24/7 MANAGEMENT TEAMOur highly-qualified team of managers makes sure that all our projects are running smoothly, around the clock!
  • 24/7 MONITORINGWe monitor our agents using our partner’s monitoring platform. Whether the worker is in-house or working remotely, our managers can view everything from worker’s PC screen to their activity level!

    All our clients are given access to our “Virtual Monitoring Platform”. Using this platform, they can view important data related to their project and the work being done.

    This is a virtual platform so our clients can log-in from anywhere in the world with ease.

  • TRAINING AND QAWe use the latest training and quality assurance techniques to train and regulate our workers. Whether your project is big or small, you can be sure to have the best training and QA team by your side!

    We provide different “Business Account” set-up options to our clients depending on their package, requirements, and preferences.

    This may include the following:

    VOIP (incoming and outgoing calls along with latest VOIP system options)

    Business Email Account

    Microsoft Suite

    Cloud based data sharing system (one terabyte)

    Task management and project management platforms

    Other (discussed over the phone)

    The above accounts are normally included without any extra charges!


    We believe in keeping things flexible and aim at meeting our client’s expectations!

    Whether you are a large company that is looking for a long-term solution or a small business that needs some flexible options; we can meet your expectations!


    Our sophisticated HUMAN-RESOURCE GOVERNANCE structure ensures that all our workers stay happy, motivated and committed with us for long-term!

    Our clients do not have to worry about payroll, documentation, data-security and other known HR issues in the industry as we take care of our responsibilities well.

  • Monthly Score-Card

    Our professional data analytics team will gather important information relevant to your business and market and send you a monthly report called “ABC Score-Card”. This data will help you make better business decisions for the future. This effort is in-line with our aim to assist our clients in growing their business!

Please connect with one of our professional consultants for any inquiry: