Does Your Business Website Need Chat Support? (Part 1)

Does Your Business Website Need Chat Support?

Chat support can be a boon for your business…are you ready to get started?

It’s easy to assume that your company has everything it needs. You have a great idea, which has developed into a great product or service. Then, you hire a top-notch staff. After that, you find the best location and supplies. It seems like you’ve covered all the basis, but you might be missing something. One service is often overlooked, but it could give your company a memorable edge over the competition. What is that service? Chat support.

Chat Support is Convenient

What are the benefits of chat support? First, it makes the entire experience of shopping online more convenient. A study called “Making Proactive Chat Work” showed that 44% of online consumers say that, when they are shopping, having a live person answer questions is one of the most important features a website can offer. Your business could benefit from being able to answer customer’s questions in real time.

Chat Support Creates Conversation Logs

Second, chat support allows for a company to create transcripts of interaction with customers. These transcripts can be used for training for customer support. It also becomes a record if any issues arise with a consumer–you can refer back to the notes and show your part in a dispute. Additionally, Zendesk suggests that chat representatives can refer to past conversations with repeat customers to help pick up the conversation where it left off.

Chat Support Saves Money

Third, chat support is cost effective. With call centers, a customer service representative can only speak to one customer at a time. On the other hand, a chat support representative can handle multiple conversations at once. LADesk adds, “It saves ‘product return’ expenses as a live chat representative can help you pick the right product or service…thus he or she will be satisfied with it and won’t need to return it back.

These three points are just the beginning of a list of benefits you can experience. Are you ready to get started by contracting chat reps for your business? Click here to get started with Ideas Unlimited’s services!