Why Business Customer Support Services are So Important

Why Business Customer Support Services are so Important

Why Business Customer Support Services are so Important

There are a number of factors that go into making a business successful. Those running the business have to be organized and goal oriented. The business itself needs to provide the best products and services to their customers. In this case, we’ll be addressing customer support and how it affects the success, growth, and image of a business.

Attention and Reputation

People can tell a lot about a business from the customer support service they provide. Many businesses tend to suffer because they aren’t as attentive to their customers as they should be. In this day and age, businesses need to go above and beyond to listen to their customers and be helpful. Customers expect business customer support services to respond to emails in a timely fashion, and answer phone calls or return messages as soon as possible. With social media as popular as it is, customers even expect businesses to have a presence there as well.

Businesses that don’t do any of these things tend to become disconnected from their customers. Customers expect attentiveness from businesses, and if they don’t receive it, they often feel slighted or disrespected. Having customers feel this way can have a devastating effect on your business. If customers feel business customer support services are there just for show, they’ll begin to lose confidence in the business entirely.

Customer Trust

These days, customers are more connected to one another than they’ve ever been before. There are numerous online communities that discuss hundreds of different businesses. Customers are able to share their experiences and voice their opinions about a business with the click of a button. If a business routinely has poor customer service, they’ll likely see numerous comments talking about it. This can cause other potential customers to form a negative perception of a business in an instant. With so many negative comments, potential customers will likely be scared away from shopping there.

Having great customer service provides a number of benefits. For starters, it helps build trust between the business and the customer. Customers know that voicing their concerns or questions about the business will be heard loud and clear. When customers trust a business they’ll be more inclined to continue working with them.

6 Ways an Online Marketing Assistant Can Help Your Business

6 Ways an Online Marketing Assistant Can Help Your Business

Marketing can be a challenge, but an online marketing assistant could save you.

6 Ways an Online Marketing Assistant Can Help Your Business

As with many aspects of technology, online marketing changes with the blink of the eye. Keeping up with trends and managing marketing effectively and efficiently can be difficult. This is a problem for a business at any size. Therefore, your business should consider hiring an online marketing assistant. As a result, your company can enjoy the benefits of utilizing the following techniques.

On Page Optimization

First, a business’s website needs stellar writing, but that’s not all. The right title tag, website address, and images (complete with alt text) will optimize your website to be found in search engines. Moz explains, “Ideal content pages should be very specific to a given topic–usually a product or an object–and be hyper-relevant.” 

Link Building

Next, direct traffic to your site. The more links a company has pointing to a website, the higher the website will be ranked in search engines. This will establish you as an authority on the topic. SearchEngineLand describes it this way: “If you were sick, which would you trust more? The advice from five doctors or from fifty random people who offered their advice to you as you walked down the street?” How do you get started with link building? Check this List of 1500+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts, from Izideo. Izideo explains that having your online marketing assistant write guest posts on blogs is a great method “if you want your content to rapidly rank on the first page of Google.”

Directory Listings

Third, phone books are a thing of the past. Now, businesses get listed in online directories. However, in a global market, it’s important to cast a wide net. Hubspot blogged, “Adding a listing to these online directories is easy, but if you only list in a few, you’re really missing a huge opportunity to get found by online searchers. 

Video Uploading

Fourth, video is an easy, engaging way to share a message. PointsGroup reported, “Virtually 60% of respondents said they would watch video previous to reading text on the same webpage.” Hence, this is why it’s important for business to have a marketing assistant. As a result, your assistant can create, optimize, and upload videos to use for marketing. 

Social Media Marketing

Fifth, a presence on social media great for search engine optimization. Plus, it also allows businesses to engage in conversation with potential clients and customers. This is one of many pros to hiring a social media manager. According to American Express’s blog, “You’ll have a consistent voice across all networks, compared to having multiple staffers manage different accounts.” 

Google Adwords

Finally, if a company puts down money for online ads, Google Adwords is a great option. eConsultancy explains Adwords by saying, “If you want your ad to appear at all, you have to bid against other marketers on how much you’re willing to pay Google Adwords every time a searcher clicks on your ad.” Thus, a marketing assistant can bring the expertise to do this to the best effect. 

In conclusion, a marketing assistant can be a boon for your company. Need someone who will do all these marketing tasks for you? Ideas Unlimited offers online marketing assistant services. 

The Secret to Having the Best Customer Service


The Secret to Having the Best Customer Service

The Secret to Having the Best Customer Service

The best customer services involves multiple elements, and each one lends itself to repeat customers.

To judge a person, one needs to interact. The information extracted from tone, gesture, and body language is a deciding factor for that person. Similarly, customer service is a body language for successful business. Name any business–there always exists a competition to fill the demands or needs of the people. To blow your trumpet in the market, excellent customer service is a must. The key business for best customer service is feedback, well-skilled staff, social media, appreciations, loyalty, updates, and a helpline. Let’s walk through each of the key points.

Customer Service Feedback

Feedback is a crucial factor for the growth of the business. It is important for improving your service. The data gathered from feedback nurtures and shapes the business. It also helps to bind the business with a strong market share. Acting accordingly to the need of the people makes a way to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Online feedback: Most people are attached to their smartphone. Gathering data through this method requires a couple of minutes from a customer. However, a customer may opt-out from answering your boring question. So, get creative and prepare a list of question like “yes or no” or multiple choice question or rating from 1 to 5. Keep it simple, and never use frictional words like “wrong,” “unsatisfied,” or any other negative words. Even voice authorized feedback is also a great technique.
  • Offline feedback: This is the oldest approach and a quick way of gathering data. This method involves investing your money and time. In this case, if there is a need for on spot feedback, this method could be followed.

Well-Skilled Customer Service Staff

A weak labor force is enough to kill a healthy business. Focus on investing in training the staff employed at your service desk. Healthy interaction leads to wealthy business empire. It is important to establish a better relationship with the customer. Concentrate on building a relationship rather than a transaction. This stands as driving force for sustainable business. Striking a better conversation is necessary to win the hearts of the customer. If customer judges the staff based on the poor services, this reflects on a bad reputation. So train the staff with better Soft-skill. The training might range from better email writing to handling a crisis.

Social Media

A company needs to stay open to all issues. Keeping all the possible doors open allows the customer to knock on any doors and get the needed service. That’s why your business should stay active on social media and respond immediately. Highlight all the possible social platforms based on the geographical location, as social platform differs from region to region.


Appreciation is a ladder for better growth. Appreciation might point to the customer in reporting a flaw or any hiccup in service. The staff can also deserve some appreciation for their valuable contribution. It is a two-way factor. Let’s divide the appreciation into two parts:

  • Customer appreciation: First, customer appreciation is a key factor in growth. Customer helps to gather the sensitive data in perfecting the system involved in the business. The customer who provides the valuable time in bringing this change deserves a treat or some sort of reward. Reward the person with some coupon or discount and recognize the contribution in the social platform. This will gain a lot of attention from the community and could land you more business.
  • Staff appreciation: Second, servicing a customer is a critical role. Providing a well-balanced and well-structured service must be appreciated. Powering up the work environment with some celebration will grace the business with a better reputation.


Huge investment in marketing the product is necessary to build a rapport with evergreen business. To achieve it, people go for a creative ad with catchy headlines and interesting bargain and also add a tricky crown. This crown points to surprising terms and conditions. This is the scenario in the marketing domain. People respond to bargain and ignore the tricky crown and may feel cheated. Holding up with your end of the bargain is necessary to maintain the loyalty. Invest time in educating the people to understand the crown part. Prosperous sign in business involves a win-win situation for you and your customer.

Customer Service Helpline

Next, add a chat box on your site so that you can speed up the service request. Build a system to raise the ticket for the issue and process it accordingly. This helps the customer to know the status of your issue. The statistics of the frequently reported issue can be addressed once and for all. Then, provide clarification on various escalation level on your sites to help the customer to seek the desired help.


A striving service provider always aims at better servicing and expanding his business base. The ambition of such personality always aims for the better share in the market. They stay ahead of the competitors and gain a huge pool of customers. This is why companies should spread the news of exciting offers to celebrate an occasion or addition of new store to the locality. This update can be shared via social media, voice services, newspaper or SMS services. This adds value to your customer.

Create and Be On the Top Together With TemplateMonster: A Collaboration of Our Web-Studio with Their Expert Team

Create and Be On the Top Together With TemplateMonster: A Collaboration of Our Web-Studio with Their Expert Team

Create and Be On the Top Together With TemplateMonster: A Collaboration of Our Web-Studio with Their Expert Team

Create and Be On the Top Together With TemplateMonster: A Collaboration of Our Web-Studio with Their Expert Team

Each company wants to develop and grow – in such a way; it becomes possible to invest all possible creative ideas in marvelous works that allow customers to meet their goals. For our web studio, that became possible together with such a responsible and experienced partner like TemplateMonster. Thanks to their amazing team, we have an opportunity with their ready-made templates that make our clients be impressed with their design and functionality. In other words, we just killed two birds with one stone by finding a trusted partner and improving our services with the help of professional easily customizable website templates.

TemplateMonster offers an inspiring number of digital products available on their marketplace. Their special deals, sales and offers are worth of a special attention because they allow to save a lot of money and to buy high-quality products for any business project.

What Websites Do We Build?

Our web studio prefers working with HTML5 – it becomes more and popular and allows us to bring the most positive results for our customers. Getting back to our partner, TemplateMonster has a great number of HTML5 templates available so we can provide our customers with a wide choice of solutions for their businesses.

Here are our latest top 3 HTML 5 picks:


Intense – Multipurpose Innovative HTML5 Template is the first template from an enormous collection of eye-catching ready-made solutions. It includes 500+ HTML files, 25+ niche templates, 15+ header and footer variations, and other stunning elements that will allow you to play around with the design of your future online-project. In addition to this, you will get a top-notch social integration, various hover effects, sticky menus, and powerful navigation.


Those people who need to promote their interior design studio on the Internet will be impressed with IDInterio – Interior Adorable HTML5 Template – a theme that includes all essential features to have success in this task. A great number of pre-made HTML pages, multiple header and footer variations, and 6 blog styles will make it possible to present all possible aspects of your business. Furthermore, a fully-fledged live search will allow users to find the needed information within seconds.


It will take nothing for InvestPlus – Investment Company Minimalist HTML5 Template to make your business look trustworthy and reliable on the Internet. It includes a wide range of ready-made HTML pages, diverse gallery types (grid, masonry, or cobbles), and integration of Google Maps and Fonts that will certainly enrich your website.

TemplateMonster not only sales website templates, but also makes quite many educational projects for web developers. It’s enough to check their blog to make sure they have an impressive knowledge base to share. We are happy to be partners with this website templates provider and this cooperation plays a significant role in our work.

This article is written by Template Monster and is posted by Ideas Unlimited on www.ideasunlimitedonline.com. This is done with mutual consent of parties as Ideas Unlimited is fond of the work done by TM and follows them closely.

Hire Ideas Unlimited for your business support needs today!

Time Management: How to Save 4 Hours Today

Time Management - Ideas Unlimited

Time management skills can help you get more accomplished and find more freedom.

Time Management: How to Save 4 Hours Today

Any manager understands the problem of taking on too much work. When the tasks start to pile up, it becomes impossible to focus. Hence, valuable time is taken away from what the company actually does. Plus, it’s easy to get distracted by sudden new issues. This is why understanding how to manage time is a vital business skill. How can a manager learn these skills? Here are our best time management suggestions to help you potentially cut your work in half today.

Prioritize Your Work

When you are determining the priority of a task, ask these two questions: Is it urgent? Is it important? These questions are part of the Eisenhower Principle. Here is how this principle categorizes work:

  • Priority 1: Important and Urgent
  • Priority 2: Important but Not Urgent
  • Priority 3: Not Important but Urgent
  • Priority 4: Not Important and Not Urgent

The more a manager uses the Eisenhower Principle, the more the brain is trained to quickly categorize tasks. Try it today with your projects.

Use Time Management Tools

Once your work is prioritized, you can use time management tools to keep those priorities. Here are a few popular apps:

  • RescueTime: First, this app runs in the background on the user’s computer to track time spent on various functions. It then develops a report for the day.
  • Evernote: Next, create a project to-do list. Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices. Evernote makes sure the notes you’ve saved are easy to find.
  • Focus@will: Finally, increase your attention span by up to 400%. Focus@will uses scientifically optimized music to increase focus while working on projects.
  • HealthAmbition: If you want to know how to improve concentration or how to improve focus, there are some tips that can help you.

For larger teams, you can use software like:

These platforms can help you manage your team and time efficiently.

Delegate Tasks

The old adage is, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” However, that’s not always true. Having a skilled worker to whom tasks can be delegated can result in high-quality work. A well-trained virtual assistant can be directed to create documents, answer emails, and manage social media.

At Ideas Unlimited, our Call Center agents and our Virtual Assistants (IU VAs) can take care of all the work that your current in-house workers and team do, without you having to deal with any OVERHEAD cost, employee-related issues, documentation, turn-over, or training!

5 Words that Make Your Business Sound Bad (and 5 that Make You Sound Better)


5 Words that Make Your Business Sound Bad (and 5 that Make You Sound Better)

5 Words that Make Your Business Sound Bad (and 5 that Make You Sound Better)

There are certain words that you as a business person need to remove from your vocabulary.

Communication is one of the most valuable skills that any businessperson could have. When a professional has a good grasp of language and knows how to speak to a variety of audiences, they can find and keep more clients. But what if you’re stuck in some bad habits with the way you speak to people? Here are five words you need to remove from your business vocabulary immediately…and five that you should start using right now.

1. Really

“Our service is really fast.” “The numbers are really good.” It’s an over-used descriptor that does not tell anyone the true idea. Try being more expressive: “Our service is speedy.” “The numbers are impressive.”

2. Let Me Pick Your Brain

First, doesn’t this just sound gross? Second, this phrase is terribly overused. There are many unique (and less creepy) ways to express that you want to get someone’s perspective and advice on a topic.

3. Crushing It

This phrase is meant to sound as though the person is strong and high-achieving. Instead, it makes the user sound like a frat boy with beer cans. You’re not crushing it; you’re successful.

4. Honestly

People who use the word “honestly” or the phrase “to be honest” project the idea that anything they don’t preface with these phrases is dishonest. To avoid sounding deceptive, just drop the H-word, or replace it with “frankly.”

5. Like

This is a hard habit for several people to break. The filler word “like” can make the speaker sound as though they are immature and annoying. Try as hard as possible to drop the “like” from your vocabulary.

5 Words You Should Add to Your Business Vocabulary

  1. Scalable: This means it will work easily on a larger scale to the one it currently works on. 
  2. Assist: “Helping” implies that someone can’t do something; “assisting” means the other person is capable.
  3. Disruptive: This is something that displaces existing technology by doing the same thing cheaper.
  4. Incentive: Giving someone a reason to succeed is not just a word…it’s also a philosophy.
  5. Core Competency: This phrase is a better way to express “the thing that we do best.”

Sustainable Hacks to Create a Green Business

Sustainable Hacks to Create a Green Business

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hard for a business owner.

Sustainable Hacks to Create a Green Business

Sustainability is vital for us to companies to move forward in the future. Because of fossil fuel depletion, carbon dioxide emissions, and the increasing costs of energy and water, business owners are making smarter decisions to be eco-friendly. Want to get started with your company? Here are four hacks to create a green business.

Green Cleaning

First, many cleaning products are toxic to the environment. This is why it pays to replace cleaning supplies with eco-friendly brands. “Some of [the green brands] may seem pricey but many are concentrated and will save money in the end,” explained Marla Tabaka. “The benefits include improved health, increased clarity, a reduction in allergic reactions, and a healthier planet. A small price to pay.”

Green Packaging

Second, consider how to mail and ship products for wholesale or retail. PlasticsToday reported that there has been a trend toward sustainable packaging for shipping. Clare Goldsberry wrote that “recycled content packaging is projected to have a significant share in the green packaging market. This segment has gained popularity owing to its benefits associated with reduced energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint.”

Green Travel

Third, make smart choices about how you travel for your business. Search USGBC for LEED Certified hotels that use renewable energy. Leave a light carbon footprint by not getting your hotel bed sheets changed daily, taking short showers, and turning off lights. During downtime, apps like GreenConcierge have eco-friendly tours of London and Paris for seeing the sites, going shopping, and dining out.

Green Communication

Finally, this is one of our favorite hacks to create a green business. Communicating with teams online allows companies to work across the globe without having to meet face-to-face. Use email as much as possible instead of printed letters. Use a video call system like Skype for meetings instead of traveling. Want to create and entirely online team? The business support services at Ideas Unlimited offer 24/7 reception, sales, customer service, and more!

These four recommendations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hacks to create a green business. Which ones are YOUR favorites? Email us with your suggestions!

5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Make Sales

5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Make Sales

If you want to make sales, then you need a virtual assistant to bring these five key factors to your business.

5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Make Sales

Managing a business may prove to be a daunting task. There are many tasks to handle and countless problems to solve at the same time. You, as a business owner, may initially have the time to handle those issues yourself. But you will eventually have to delegate and divide the work to achieve better results. For this purpose, it is always best to hire a virtual assistant.

1. Make Sales from Anywhere

A virtual assistant usually works from home. Therefore, you can hire one at a lower cost than that incurred when hiring a full-time office-based employee. You will not have to spend extra money on unnecessary office space either and can pay the virtual assistant at an hourly rate. It also reduces HR-related issues. Most virtual assistants who offer their services via platforms such as Upwork (previously oDesk) are quite experienced in their job. They are fast learners who are able to adapt to virtual work environments very quickly. Hence, you will not have to spend extensive amounts of time on expensive training sessions. Besides these obvious advantages, there are also several ways in which virtual assistants can help boost your sales figures.

2. Make Sales with Good Customer Service

Firstly, they can assist you in customer and sales support. You can assign them the task of handling all outbound calls. This way, you will save a lot of time which you can choose to spend on other more important things. Similarly, they can also handle email marketing and support. If you let a virtual assistant manage company emails, for example, they can highlight the more important leads for you to handle personally. Chat support is also assigned to virtual assistants nowadays since it can easily be conducted remotely.

3. Make Sales in Your Market

Since calls, chats, and emails do not require physical presence, they can be easily conducted from whichever location your virtual assistant is present at. It is better to hire VAs from the region where your sales operations are based. This is because they can understand the local buyers better. It will eliminate differences in terms of factors such as language or culture. If a customer feels more comfortable and welcome, they will be more likely to return.

4. Make Sales with Good Research

Virtual assistants can also be incredibly helpful in conducting research. Research is a time-consuming process, and a great amount of time is usually spent in vain when conducting digging through hordes of data. Virtual assistants can come in handy here if you are looking to save time. They can further assist you in the process of lead research and generation, and data mining. These are an important part of a sales campaign. If the data becomes too extensive at any point, you can hire more than one temporary virtual assistants as well.

5. Make Sales with Social Media

Since virtual assistants are well-versed in all things internet, they can also help you build an impressive online presence for your business. Social media marketing campaigns, for example, would be easy to run with an internet-savvy person onboard.

You can hire virtual assistants very easily via Ideas Unlimited. As soon as you have hired one, you will be ready to launch a sales-boosting campaign for your business.

The 10 Best Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

The 10 Best Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter You can learn a lot for managing your business if you connect with these entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter.

The 10 Best Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a valuable social media platform. From serving as a news curator to providing inspirational quotes, business owners can find a wealth of tweets to meet their needs. Twitter is also a fantastic opportunity to connect with successful business moguls and learn from them. This is why we have collected our picks of the ten best entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. (While you’re at it, follow Ideas Unlimited on Twitter as well!)

1. Bill Gates

2. Kevin Rose

3. Richard Branson

4. Steve Case

5. Melissa Stewart

6. Guy Kawasaki

7. Melinda Emerson

8. Chelsea Krost

9. Ebong Eka

10. Jennifer Nguyen

Who do YOU think are the best entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter?

Why You Need a Medical Virtual Assistant

Why You Need a Medical Virtual Assistant A medical virtual assistant could be valuable for doctors, dentists, therapists, and a wide variety of other health professionals.[/caption]

Why You Need a Medical Virtual Assistant

As a medical professional, you need to set time aside to not only look after your patients but also yourself. You need breaks from the hectic schedules and the hundreds of patients you have to treat or help. Without assistance, many medical practitioners end up either overworking themselves as they maneuver between their competencies and the business side of managing hospitals. This does not have to be the case, however. These days, agencies can help professionals (real estate agents, doctors etc.) by offering them the aid of a virtual assistant. Here are a few reasons why you should start looking for a medical virtual assistant.

Task Management

A clinic or hospital only runs smoothly when its administrative tasks are taken care of by the staff. Such tasks range from handling coding and medical billing to organizing shifts and coordinating between nurses and doctors. Outsourcing medical virtual assistant frees up other medical staff from such duties, leaving them to see to patients’ welfare.

Cost Efficiency

Medical practitioners, like all other professionals, must pay attention to budgeting as they diagnose and treat patients. One way to keep your staff on site and decrease your payroll burden to utilize the services of a medical virtual assistant. Outsourcing this service keeps budget costs low because one, you do not have to hire another person to deal with administrative duties. Secondly, you do not have to train new hires (you can simply hire an experienced medical virtual assistant) which saves both time and money.

Increased Job Satisfaction

There is no better feeling than going home to the realization that you made a difference in someone’s life or saved another. Having a medical virtual assistant frees up medical practitioners to pursue their careers and passions. It gives them time to do their jobs and enjoy other pursuits. Therefore, getting a medical virtual assistant should ultimately increase your job satisfaction.

Having a medical virtual assistant has financial as well as health benefits for you. Try it today and see what a difference it makes in your life!