Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Am I locked into a plan/contract?

    Not at all! We have flexible monthly contracts as well as 6-12 months long contracts; depending on the size, need and requirement of your project.

  • How do you assure of “Zero Down-Time” on 24/7 projects?

    Our 24/7 management, monitoring, administrative and back-up set-up allows us to do this.

  • What if I need a professional VOIP set-up for my business?

    We will take care of that for you and you will get the latest VOIP solutions available.

  • How do I know if I am getting what I am paying for?

    Once you are set up on our monitoring software, you can see your project’s screen shots, activity level, punctuality, attendance, hours, reports, URL and App usage and access data analytics (call/email/chat/orders and other).

  • What is the “Score-Card”?

    It is a report compiling of different data analytics relevant to your company and the market you are in. Our data analyst specialists create this unique but highly valuable report every month for all the projects which qualify for it.

  • Can I hire a dedicated, part-time VA?

    You absolutely can!

    IU provides many different VA solutions including dedicated, shared, team and on-demand support options. You tell us your need, requirements, expectations, and budget and we will put together a personalized package solution for you.

  • Do you offer personal assistant services?

    We absolutely do!

    You can let us know what type of VA you are looking for or work you need done and we will set it up for you!

  • Can I communicate directly with my VA?

    If this is what you want to do, you absolutely can!

    With our secured “Business Accounts” and data management policy, you can easily communicate and comfortably share data with your VA/team directly via Skype, email and phone.

  • Are the agents trained in what they are doing?

    All our agents go through an extensive on-boarding and training process which ensures that all our workers are highly skilled, highly motivated and committed for the long-term!

  • Do I need to get a new phone number, email or any business account?

    Depending on your project type, size, and requirements, our company will provide different business accounts, included in your solution package.

  • Do the agents stay long-term on the project?

    With our sophisticated and well planned “HR Governance Process”, all our agents/workers stay with our company for a long time. In case of any necessary adjustments, our management team makes sure that the project is not affected at all.

  • How can I monitor the work being done since the workers are not in my office?

    Once you sign up for our services, you will have a brief on-boarding session with one of our project managers, who will guide and set you up on our monitoring platform.

    Once you are set up on our monitoring software, you can see your project’s screen shots, activity level, punctuality, attendance, hours, reports, URL, and app usage. You can also access other data analytics from your team such as: calls, emails, chat conversations, orders etc.

  • How do I train the worker(s)?

    Our highly-qualified team of trainers takes care of all the training on the projects; from initial training to on-project training, we will take care of it all.

  • What is your pricing and where can I find it?

    Since we offer a variety of different services and skill-sets, we prefer not to publicize our pricing structure on the site and customize our solution packages per our client’s needs and requirements. We personalize all our solution packages so you will never pay for services you don’t want or utilize.

    What makes you happy, keeps us happy!

Please connect with one of our professional consultants for any inquiry: