How to Regain Focus as a Business Leader

How to Regain Focus as a Business Leader

Follow this advice to restore your focus and be a better leader.

It happens sooner or later…a good leader loses their focus. They are stretched thin, beyond their capabilities. They grow fatigued and lose motivation. When that happens, it doesn’t matter how talented a leader is. That’s why it’s so important to periodically re-focus. If you don’t know how to regain focus as a business leader, we have advice that could save your job and your sanity.

Get Back to the Mission

One of the most important things any leader can do is remind themselves why they are doing their job in the first place. DDI recommends that you ask yourself, “What are we trying to accomplish as a company?” “What are our most critical business imperatives?” “What are the most critical priorities in executing our business objectives?” By doing this, you can motivate yourself with what matters most at work.

Remove Distractions

This is one of the best tactics for how to regain focus. We are surrounded by distractions that pull us away from what matters most, and getting rid of them can be a workplace lifesaver. De-clutter your desk, mute your phone, and take five minutes to breathe. Natalie MacNeil wrote a great article on three ways to meditate at work: “Stress Shaker,” “Time Tap,” and “Focus Flame.”

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Delegating tasks is a great way to regain focus as a leader. The day-to-day administrative tasks of a company take away from important responsibilities, such as making important decisions and ensuring that teams are working effectively. Get people on your team who can handle the nuts and bolts for you. Not enough people at your company for you to delegate tasks? Hire one of our virtual assistants!

Make a Safety Net

Many leaders worry about losing their jobs. When that happens, it’s important to establish a safety net. “There’s nothing like money in the bank and the ability to earn a living as a contractor or consultant to give you the courage to take risks, make hard decisions and negotiate effectively,” wrote Susan Cramm. Build up a good savings, or have a side gig to fall back on, and you’ll feel better.

What are your favorite ways to regain focus?