All About Medical, Real Estate, and General Virtual Assistants

All About Medical, Real Estate & General Virtual Assistants

There are virtual assistants for all types of work!

The business world is constantly on the go. This makes it very difficult for one person to manage all the small things that need to be done throughout the day. That’s why Ideas Unlimited is a one stop solution for all of your business needs! Our virtual assistants (or VAs) are top level staff that will take care of your needs, keeping your costs low and your productivity high! Here are a few of the industries where we provide quality–and affordable–business support.

General Virtual Assistants

These are the perfect virtual assistants for any industry. Whether you are a CEO of a corporation or a stay-at-home mom starting your first business, a general VA can take on day-to-day administrative tasks for you. These tasks could be answering the phone, replying to emails, managing social media, and much more.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Realtor have full days all the time. For that reason, hiring a VA can make things simple. Your virtual assistant can handle tenant/vendor/client coordination, appointment scheduling, and lead research and outreach. You can even have them upload images of properties to your website or sites like Plus, your VA can handle all the tasks that a general VA can handle as well.

Medical Virtual Assistants

While doctors are busy making lives better, medical virtual assistants are handling the business behind the scenes. They can be tasked with billing and coding, scheduling, and coordination between patients, nurses, and doctors. On top of that, they can make emergency calls and service calls. This frees up your time to get back to your true passion and purpose: improving people’s lives.

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