Profile Recordings

At IdeasUnlimited, we hire only the Crème de la Crème, the Best of the Best agents for all our projects. You can listen to the Profile Recordings of some of our agents below.These are only sample recordings uploaded so that you can gauge the quality and skill-set of our agents from across the globe!

Click on the Agent’s name to hear their Profile Recording.

US – IU Talent

  • Melissa – Customer Support Expert
  • Jacob – Tech Support Expert
  • Shane – Sales and Admin Expert
  • Noelle – Marketing and Website Expert
  • Pam – Medical Admin Expert

Philippines – IU Talent

  • Dennievy – Sales and Telemarketing Expert
  • Sarah – Customer Support Expert
  • Kat – Customer and Tech Support Expert
  • Joy – Medical Admin Expert
  • Katrina – eCommerce and Real Estate Expert
  • Vanessa – Real Estate and Marketing Expert

Bi-Lingual – IU Talent

  • Kleeve – English, French and Spanish Support
  • Katja – English and German Support
  • Camree – English and Spanish Support
  • Jorge – English and Spanish Support

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