Real Estate Trends You Can Leverage with a Virtual Assistant

Real estate virtual assistants take care of back-end tasks so you can focus on selling homes.

Real estate has seen major improvements since the recession in 2008. This growth is particularly true in the housing market. More economic stability has resulted in more home-buying, which means that companies will be juggling a lot more work than they had in previous years. This is why hiring a real estate virtual assistant can be a benefit to any real estate company. Here are three real estate trends and how VAs can manage these tasks for realtors and investors.

1. New Real Estate Tech

Technology is always changing and growing rapidly. For real estate wholesalers, programs such as Podio and Zapier allow users to structure their work flow. On his YouTube show #RealEstateDealTalk, Abhi Golhar explained that these programs can be used to find sellers and buyers. Then, a wholesaler can bring the two together to close a deal. Bring a VA on board and use their tech savvy to manage these programs.

2. Single Family Home Investing

According to Think Realty’s Larry Arth, “Everyone from Millennials (who like to “try before they buy”) to Baby Boomers (who no longer want to be tied to the task of maintaining a home) are finding comfort in renting. These investor classes—along with a growing population—have created a strong niche for investors and landlords.” Hire a VA to handle the task of researching the market in your area to find out who is renting houses versus apartments.

3. More Millennials Buying Homes

Even with many Milennials renting, the number who are purchasing is still growing. This number, according to Daniel Goldstein at MarketWatch, has grown from 65% in 2011 to an impressive 80% for 2015. Plus, one-third of those Millenials will want to buy in the next two years. This young market requires a fresh approach. Employing a real estate VA to manage social media for a realtor can be beneficial.

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