Business Support Solutions

    • Call Center Support

      Our 24/7 Call Center support option works in a unique way where we represent your company 24/7 for any business support need listed below and customize the package so you do not end up paying separately for each need!

      24/7 Receptionist/Answering Service

      24/7 Sales/Up-selling Support

      24/7 Customer Service

      24/7 Order processing and Back-end Support

      24/7 Bi-Lingual Support

      24/7 Tech Support and Moderation

      24/7 Coordination, Scheduling, Emergency calls

      We aim to assure “Zero Down-Time” on all of our projects by combining talented in-house (US) and off-shore resources, highly trained management team and the latest call-center technologies available in the market! Read More


      In order to stay competitive and satisfy customer expectations, even small and medium size businesses must provide a proper customer support option to their clients/customers.

      With IdeasUnlimited, you can be sure that your customer support process is in the right hands. Unlike other companies, you have the option to choose the “Voice of your company” with IdeasUnlimited: This ensures that you pick the type of voice you want your customers to hear!

      On top of the above; with our highly qualified management team, latest monitoring/management platforms and quality assurance team, you can have the peace of mind that the work is being done the right way, consistently! Read More


      Amigo, Ami, Freund, 朋友, दोस्त, ystävä, priateľ, vriend, przyjaciel
      Don’t worry we are just calling you a “FRIEND”!

      If you deal with “International Business” or you are a multi-national company, you must have our “Flexible Bi-lingual Support Solution” by your side. We can cover all the languages around the world (almost all) and have cost-effective packages available to cater to different types of business needs.

      Please contact us to find out about the languages we cover (almost all) and our flexible coverage options! Read More


      Benjamin Franklin had it right – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Getting in front of technology needs before they become a concern for their clients is very important for companies with technical product and service offerings.

      Our team of highly skilled technicians respond quickly via both; remote and on-site requests. We can provide Tier 1, 2 and 3 level hardware, software and technical support. Read More

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