3 Big Technology Trends for 2018

3 Big Technology Trends for 2018

These three technology predictions could be what shape businesses all over the world.

3 Big Technology Trends for 2018


With the year still fairly new, it’s a great time to look at technology trends for 2018. Tech is an ever-changing industry that has a dramatic effect on all businesses that surround it. Our services at Ideas Unlimited are driven by improvements in technology. Because of this, we keep our finger on its pulse as much as possible. We have compiled some of the predictions for the coming year that interest us the most. These tech forecasts could be what change your business dramatically.

1. Cybersecurity

First, let’s look at a hot-button issue. Issues with cybersecurity plagued 2017. Ashish Datta was quoted as saying, “From ‘WannaCry’ to the massive Equifax breach, the year has been consumed by negative news about companies failing consumers in ways that consumers are just starting to understand.” One of the technology trends for 2018 that we can expect to see is a public conversation about how to best protect our businesses and our clients.

2. Chatbots

Next, let’s talk about how technology is getting smarter. Sridhar Iyengar reported that automated chatbots that respond to users’ questions will become more mainstream. “Unlike human customer service and support reps,” he wrote, “chatbots don’t have the physical and mental inconsistencies that can degrade service levels. Moreover, AI-powered chatbots are learning how to respond to customers and predict what they want.” More businesses may wish to consider developing their own chatbot with human-like responses.

3. Big Data

Third, we’re looking at data. Technology has been used to understand human behavior and interactions for a while now. This coming year, there will most likely a big shift in how businesses think about big data. “DataOps will emerge as a top initiative as AI and machine learning projects shift from ‘proof of concept’ to ‘enterprise critical,'” explained Michelle Ufford of Netflix. We can expect to see a reimagining of concepts such as data quality, data management, and workflow orchestration.

What do YOU predict will be the biggest technology trends for 2018?