These Social Media Tricks for Business Will Surprise You

These Social Media Tricks for Business Will Surprise You

Get inspired with our favorite social media tricks…your response rate can increase!

Social media for business has become a mainstay and a necessity. If a company wants to make a showing, it has to have a powerful presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a variety of other platforms. While it’s easy to do the basics–scheduling posts to publish later, using eye-catching images–it takes a special touch to really give you the edge you need. Here are our favorite social media tricks for business.

Our Social Media Tricks for Business

  • Use Emojis: Emojis are not just for young people. A smiley face, peace sign, or tiny drawing of a house pops out from strings of text. If your company is the only one in your industry using emojis, your posts will stand out.
  • Piggyback on Hashtags: Keep an eye on the trending hashtags on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If everyone is posting about #MondayMotivation, post your own motivational quote or advice for the coming work week.
  • Get Help from Fans: Crowdsourcing content works. Request that your fans post photos of themselves at your location. They can also write reviews of your products. You can even host a contest: “Retweet this for a chance to win a free product!”
  • Write Longer Posts: Don’t be afraid to put long-form content on platforms that don’t have a character limit. People will see the “Read More” click-through and be curious. That first click is all that you need in order to start engagement.
  • Use Canva: We love Canva for creating images because they have all the standard social media image sizes (Twitter header, Pinterest post, and more) pre-loaded. Plus, you can save your brand’s fonts and colors to use again and again.
  • Hide Facebook Trolls: Facebook pages now have a “Hide” function that hides a comment from everyone except the person who made the comment and their friends. If someone hatefully blasts your company, no one else has to see it, and you won’t be accused of deleting them.

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